iX35 2010 ON

    Hyundai iX35 Car Seat Covers 2010 ON

    We supply Hyundai iX35 Seat Covers in a variety of different styles. Semi tailored seat covers are made to a tolerance of 1 to 2 inches. Supplied as a 2 piece design without the head rest covered or as a 1 piece design with the head rest covered. Fully tailored Hyundai iX35 Seat Covers are tailored to your vehicle, produced from a 3D scan to achieve perfect fits. Supplied in the Premium and Standard styles as a 3 piece design with separate head rests, back rest and seat base or in the Standard 1 piece design with an integral head rest for a quicker fit seat cover. Also there's our new Tailored Quick Fit car seat covers, made from manual measurements, at very competitive prices.

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